Agency, Structure, and Social Chance

This post is a summary and brief discussion of Roger Sibeon’s Agency, Structure, and Social Chance as Cross-Disciplinary Concepts.

Figure 5 - The dynamic macro-model

Understanding class

A summary of Erik Olin Wright’s paper, Understanding class – towards an integrated analytical approach. The article distinguishes three main approaches to class analysis: the individual-attributes approach, the opportunity-hoarding approach, and the exploitation-domination approach.

The New Agrarian Question

In rebuilding the unity of the ‘labour front’, Amin also writes about labour and demonstrates its worsening condition through the rising casualisation, informalisation, and flexibilisation. He also considers the new agrarian question and the impending, disastrous changes that may affect the lives of more than 3 billion peasants in the developing world. It concludes by proposing a united front that gathers all social and political forces to reconstruct an internationalism for people.