About Pooyaka

Pooyaka is a derivative of the popular word “booyaka” and is commonly used when something goes poorly for another person and you wish to make an exclamation of it. For example:

Pooyaka! Your wife just left you for the garbage man!

 – Urban Dictionary

My name is Pooya and Think with a Hammer is a collection of my writings on the topics that I find interesting, important, or challenging. [Un]Fortunately, the range of my interests is a bit broad and so, the posts may not seem very relevant. I have, however, been able to categorise the topics into these groups:





I hope you enjoy your time on this weblog (or the sister website, Dianoetic). I appreciate any relevant comments, hints, and suggestions. You can either leave a comment at the end the posts or contact me directly via:

Email: admin@dianoetic.com.au

Twitter: @PooyakaWord




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