Classless Australia (Part 2)

I wrote about the claim of classless Australia before. I provided some data (mostly from the ABS) showing that the claim is not true. Australia, similar to virtually all other countries in the world, is a classless society. And the inequality between the classes is increasing.

Recently, ABC Radio National produced and aired a program named Class Act. The program consists of four podcasts, researched and presented by¬†Richard Aedy, ABC’s economic program, The Money. Class Act looks into the idea of social class, how to define it, Australia’s current class situation, how Australia got to this point, the growing inequality, and how Australians talk about class in codes.

The program is produced professionally for the general audience. It avoids technical jargons. And most importantly, it intentionally avoids the leftist/socialist/Marxist ideologies that are usually attached to class analysis.

All episodes are available for free download on Radio National’s website.


Photo credit: Daniel Zoumaya

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