Power and Knowledge

We are living in “knowledge societies”. Various aspects of knowledge acquisition, from accumulation to distribution, influence our lives on a daily basis, rendering it difficult to imagine living in perfect isolation from science, technology and information systems. These aspects affect us in the social as well as the individual levels, from education and work to recreation and entertainment. There are few, if any, areas of our contemporary lives that are absolutely exempt from the pervasiveness of knowledge.

Power is another aspect of the social life whose spread is comparable to that of knowledge. It is a fundamental component of our communities structure and is present in the absolute majority of our social interactions. It is hard to imagine our daily interactions free from any trace of power imbalance.

It seems impossible that the vast domains of these two fundamental components of society exist without any overlaps. There must be mutual areas in which these two work simultaneously.

In this article, I briefly look at these areas and try to figure out how they possibly influence one another. For that end, first, the definitions of power is presented and discussed which meaning is better suited for this essay. Then, on the basis of this definition, the effect of power on knowledge is discussed. The strategies by which power influences knowledge are also briefly noted. The interaction of these components is not one-way but mutual. Thus, a section is also devoted to the effect of knowledge on power.

The full article is openly accessible on Dianoetic.

4 thoughts on “Power and Knowledge

    1. A little bit of both. I’m studying engineering. But I like to move to humanities. I wrote this because I was interested in the topic and also to have a sample of writing when I’m going to apply for a degree in humanities and social sciences.

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