This is not an attempt to write a review on “Amour”, the beautiful work of Michael Haneke. There so many great professional reviews out there that make my petty attempt to write another review, ridiculous. I just want to mention how masterfully Haneke portrayed the initiation of a new love, or a rebirth of an old one.
It starts with physical contact in its romantic form of a dance. The man puts his feet against the woman’s, puts his arm around her waist, holds her, lifts her up. And then,  rhythmically, they start moving together, taking their steps in perfect harmony.


Put your knees against mine so I don’t slip.

Put your right arm around me.

And lift me up.

And up!

After initiation of physical contact, there comes the mental closeness. They almost exclusively talk to each other. Their language changes eventually so that it becomes comprehensible only to them. It becomes so enjoyable that they stay up at nights, holding hands talking.


This is AMOUR!

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